High Velocity Oxygen Fuel - HVOF

Nickel, Nichrome, Inconel, Chrome Carbide, Tungsten Carbide,
Plasma Spray (HVOF)

High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel - HVOF Advantages

Chrome Carbide
A very hard material that is applied in a way that it does not leave any pores in the finished material. This type of spray is becoming more popular as a replacement for chrome plating. The drawback with this material is that you cannot apply too thick a coat because the material becomes too brittle and cracks while it is being finished.

Nickel Chrome Boron
This material is very good for hardness, wear, and corrosion resistance. This material is especially used in parts that are always submerged in water or are in environments that they are exposed to a lot of moisture, but still needs the wear protection that you would get with a typical Hard Chrome coating.

Aluminum Silicon
This material is a very soft material that is applied using the HVOF method but is still soft enough that it is able to be machined off.

Tungsten Carbide
Is a very hard material that is harder than the Chrome Carbide, but doesn't have the same corrosion resistance that the chrome has. It is considered the workhorse of all the materials for wear resistance.

Metallizing & HVOF:
We Can Spray Parts up to 200” LG and up to 48” DIA.

Turnaround Times:
We Can Generally Get Most of the Parts That Come in the Door Back to the Customer Within 3-4 Days.