Hard Chrome Plating

 High-speed hard chrome plating 0.001/hr and up to 62" DIA.

Hard Chrome Advantages

Chrome Build-ups
Chrome build-up is considered any chrome deposit greater than .001" thickness for most applications.  This typically applies to parts with heavy wear, that need their dimension(s) brought back to O.E.M specifications.  Chrome build-up is very beneficial on parts that are exposed to the toughest of conditions, due to chrome's durability.  Mexicali Hard Chrome can deposit over .060" thickness on most parts if needed. 

Flash Chrome
Flash chrome is considered a deposit that is less than .001" thickness on most parts and has many different applications.  It can be used for plastic injection molds to increase the life of the mold and its components.  In the printing industry, flash chrome is also used for its corrosion-resistant properties for parts that are exposed to moisture.  Flash chrome is primarily used for its corrosion-resistant benefits. However, it does provide a slight increase in wear resistance.

Chrome Croydon
This finish is achieved by sandblasting the area to a specific RA.  We then chrome plate the piece to the required thickness per instruction.  Many of these parts are used for gripping purposes when a slick material is moved over the top of these parts.

New Chrome Plating Tank
3700 gal tank
66" x 108" x 120" depth dimensions
3 new High Amperage Rectifiers
High-Speed Chrome Solution capable of plating .001/hr
Custom Lead Anodes for more uniform coverage
5-ton crane over the tank
Chrome plate up to 62" dia

New Chrome Plating Tank

Hard Chrome Plating Rollers
Roller Hard Chrome
Hard Chrome Plated Rollers
Industrial Hard Chrome Chicago